Triplex Weather Widget for Android(TM).

Triplex Weather Widget for Android™

Current pages describe Triplex Weather Widget for Android™ v. 1.0.1 (both free and paid).

Triplex Weather Widget is intended for Android 4.x devices and is available in both free and paid ('Pro') versions.

This page covers the following topics:
Free Version Limitations
Free weather API keys - how to?

Here is how Triplex Weather Widget looks like.


Triplex Weather Widget provides the following set of features:

3 providers. The application uses data from three weather providers, namely World Weather Online, Open Weather Map and Weather Underground. So if one provider is not enough accurate for your specific location(s), there are others to choose from. The list of displayed cities can be customized for each widget. The data is updated automatically after a specified time interval, or manually.

Each widget displays the weather from provider selected on setup. The 'rotate provider' option exists as well. A tap on city opens the City Weather window with weather and forecast data from all three providers.

Easy sharing. The application allows sending formatted information via e-mail and also allows sharing it via Google+, Evernote, Twitter, Pocket and Dropbox.

Forecast Accuracy ('Pro' version only). The application saves forecasts in the database and (when reaching the forecast date) the forecast accuracy is assessed. Forecast Accuracy window displays the forecast accuracy ratings for 4 forecast parameters, namely 'Weather Code', 'Weather Description', 'Temperature' and 'Temperature Range'.

Free Version LimitationsFree Version Limitations

The free version has all but one of the pro version's features - it doesn't collect data for calculating forecast accuracy ratings. Forecast Accuracy window is available in 'Pro' version only.


See demo video on YouTube Description


Free weather API keysFree weather API keys - how to?

Despite the fact that the application saves data in the database and makes next data request some hours after the previous one, all users of the application after the installation use the same weather API keys. So, the application functionality depends on total number of users and active installations.

To prevent the provider's web service overloading (the total number of requests is restricted) after some period (7 days for free version, 30 days for paid version) the built-in keys are erased and the application cannot receive the actual weather data.

All users are kindly asked to register on all three weather provider's web sites, get their own free weather API keys and enter them to the corresponding fields on 'Preferences/Keys tab'. It's free.

How to get free weather API keys? It is fast and simple. Here is a brief instruction.


The application uses icons from Nuvola free icons set created by David Vignoni.

The application employs the Quick Action library by Lorensius Londa.

The application uses data from the following weather providers

World Weather Online World Weather Online
Open Weather Map Open Weather Map
Weather Underground Weather Underground
This application and the authors are in no way affiliated to any weather provider. This application only uses the APIs provided by weather providers to present data.

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Triplex Weather Widget for Android™

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