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Free weather API keys (Open Weather Map)

Free weather API keysFree weather API key for 'Open Weather Map' - how to?

How to get free weather API key for 'Open Weather Map'? It is fast and simple.
Here is a brief instruction.

Get free API key at 'Open Weather Map'Get free API key at 'Open Weather Map'

Using the free 'Open Weather Map' provider needs a free developer API key - you can get one by signing up for a free account and a free developer key at

1. Click on the 'Open Weather Map' label or open browser and enter the provider address Tap the 'Login/Register' tab.
2. Enter your name, e-mail address and password. Tap the 'Register' button.
3. Tap 'Free API' tab and read description (if necessary).
4. After entering your personal page, tap YourName tab.
5. Copy the personal API key (APPID) and paste it to the 'Weather API key' field under provider name on Preferences/Keys screen.
6. That's all! Now the Triplex Weather Widget will use your personal API key to access data.

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