Installation Guide

Installing VFS Player & Transcribers Suite

Note. Version number and Folder name (on the screenshots below) may differ.

Step 1.

Run the installation program. The Setup program main window appear.

Click "Next" to continue, or Cancel to exit Setup.

Step 2.

Carefully read the End-User License Agreement. If you agree with all terms and conditions, check "I accept the agreement" radio button and press "Next" button to proceed with the installation. Otherwise press "Cancel" button to cancel the installation and exit the setup program.

Step 3.

Before continuing, read the important information, please.

Select destination location.

Select additional tasks.

Step 4.

The following window will appear displaying the installation progress. Wait for some seconds.

Step 5.

Press OK to exit the installation program.

Step 6.

The following items should appear in your Start Menu.

The following items will be installed to the "Program Files\VFS Player & Transcribers v. 1.0" folder.

That's all. The "VFS Player & Transcribers" software is succesfully installed.


To install 'Transcriber Plugin for Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010' user needs to copy the '' global template to the Microsoft Word startup folder and restart Microsoft Word.

For details read the 'VFS Microsoft Word Setup Help.chm' document, please.


Uninstalling VFS Player & Transcribers

Step 1.

In "Start Menu" select "VFS Player & Transcribers v. 1.0\Uninstall" menu item.
The following message box will appear.

Press "Yes" to confirm and continue with uninstall.

Step 2.

The following window will appear displaying the uninstallation progress.

Press "OK" button. That's all.
The "VFS Player & Transcribers v. 1.0" Software is successfully uninstalled.



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