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HTML Styles iconStyles

Subtitles are displayed in the HTML control at the bottom part of the VFS Player main window. Subtitles are formatted using styles.



Style is a set of HTML attributes (such as font face, font size, font and background colors, alignment and so on) that can be applied to subtitle formatting.


'Styles' Menu Command

The "Styles" command is located in the "Options" menu and forces "Styles" dialog to appear.


Style Properties

Style properties are listed and described in the following table.

Style Property Description
Name Style Name.
Description Style Description.
Text Font Attributes Font Face, Style, Size, Effects and Color. See 'Font Attributes' for details.
Background Color Background Color in #RRGGBB format. See 'Selecting Background Color' for details.
Font Full Screen Factor Float number in range [1.0-2.0]. The font size is multiplied by this factor in full screen 'Cinema' view.
BlendTransEnter Float number in range [0.0-1.0]. Subtitle revealing time in seconds.
BlendTransExit Float number in range [0.0-1.0]. Subtitle fading time in seconds.
Alignment One of {none, center, left, right}.
Marquee Type

One of {none, slide, scroll, alternate}.

Marquee Direction

One of {left, right, up, down}.

Marquee Speed One of {very slow, slow, medium, fast, very fast}.




The marquee tag is a non-standard HTML markup element which causes text to scroll up, down, left or right automatically.


'Styles' Dialog'Styles' Dialog

"Styles" dialog provides commands for creating, editing and deleting subtitle styles. Here is how "Styles" dialog looks like:

Dialog 'Styles'.

"Styles" dialog.
"Styles" dialog. Styles List. Styles List is on the left side of the dialog window.

Delete styles with care. The referential integrity is not checked.  Each subtitle contains a reference to some style. If the corresponding style doesn't exist in run-time, then the built-in "Default Style" is used for a subtitle instead.

"Styles" dialog. Style properties. Style properties controls are on the right side of the dialog window.



Note. The only way to create a new style is cloning one of the existing styles. The "Default Style" provided by VFS Player cannot be deleted.


Font Attributes

Here is how the "Select Font" dialog looks like:

Standard "Select Font" dialog. Standard "Select Font" dialog.


Selecting Background Color

Here is how the "Select Background Color" dialog looks like:

Standard "Select Background Color" dialog. Standard "Select Background Color" dialog.


Style Samples

Here are some subtitle samples that demonstrate how different styles can look like.

Style Preview
Blade Sample of Custom Style 'Blade'.
Dune Sample of Custom Style 'Dune'.
Papyrus Sample of Custom Style 'Papyrus'.
Sunflower Sample of Custom Style 'Sunflower'.


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