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Sagitta news reader for Android™

Current pages describe Sagitta news reader v. 1.1.3 (both free and paid) and contain Sagitta 3.0 screenshots.
Sagitta 2.2 screenshots and icons are slightly different.

Sagitta 3.0 is intended for Android 3.0 tablets and is available in both free and paid ('Pro') versions.
Sagitta 2.2 is intended for Android 2.2 tablets and is available in both free and paid ('Pro') versions.

Sagitta supports Full Text Search and keywords highlighting.

PS. For 'Browse' button to work, the external file manager should be installed. Both 'OI File Manager' and 'ES File Explorer' are supported.

This page covers the following topics:


Sagitta provides the following set of features:

  • Full text search

  • Customizable topics (categories) act as keywords based filter

  • Keywords highlighting

  • Offline Reading with (optionally) full article content

  • Clippings (intercepts system clipboard copy command)

  • Share articles, clippings and search results via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, Evernote, Blogger...

  • Save arbitrary HTML pages in virtual feeds

  • Text-to-Speech and more...

Video (except YouTube) in the articles is not supported.

Grid View Drag-n-Drop mode and 5 thumb sizes are available in Sagitta 3.0 only (both free and paid).

Feature 2.2 Free 2.2 Pro 3.0 Free 3.0 Pro
Unlimited number of feeds    
Grid View Drag-n-Drop and 5 thumb sizes    


What Android Permissions does Sagitta require and why?




Virtual Film Maker 3.0 demo



Coming soon!

This video demonstrates the basic features of

Sagitta 3.0 'Pro' v. 1.1.4

- full text search, feeds, topics, articles list, description and offline views with keywords highlighting, clipboard, search, creating a new topic from search results and more.


Coming soon!

This video demonstrates the basic features of

Sagitta 2.2 'Pro' v. 1.1.4

- full text search, feeds, topics, articles list, description and offline views with keywords highlighting, clipboard, search, creating a new topic from search results and more.


Free Version Limitations

The free version has all but one of the pro version's features - the number of feeds is limited to 4.

Actually the user can create more feeds, but over some time they will be automatically deleted.



The following topics are described on the separate pages:

Icon Topic Description
Main Views Feeds Grid and Topics Grid
Adding feed(s) 'Add Feed' dialog
Feeds Lists Select feed from built-in and custom feeds lists
Edit feed 'Edit Feed' dialog
Feed History 'Feed History' window
Edit Topic 'Edit Topic' dialog
Feed RSS List Articles list
Article Description 'Article Description' View
Offline Reading 'Article Offline' View
Article History 'Article History' window
Article Properties 'Article Properties' window
Clipboard 'Clipboard' window
Search 'Search' window
Share Sharing articles, search results, clipboard...
'Preferences' icon Preferences 'Preferences' window
Events 'Events' window
Summary 'Summary' window
'About' dialog icon About 'About' window
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Android 2.x screenshots Sagitta 2.2 screenshots on Android 2.x devices


Feed Updates and Article Life Cycle

As a rule every feed is updated automatically in background according to feed update schedule. Besides manual feed update can be performed at any time by selecting the corresponding menu item. RSS feeds contain only article time, name, description and link to the full article content. For each article the application downloads the full article content (single HTML file) and indexes it using FTS (full text search) database.

Usually when the feed is updated some new articles (date, title and description) are downloaded.

The following table lists typical steps of the article life cycle (FTS abbreviation below stands for 'Full Text Search'). Some steps depend on settings - see 'Preferences'.

# Step Description
1 RSS Article data (date, title and description) is extracted from RSS file.
2 Cache Article is downloaded and is saved in cache for FTS processing. If 'Prefetch article for offline reading' flag is switched on then the full article content is downloaded for offline reading as well.
3 Database Article is saved in the FTS database and is waiting for keywords analysis. Now it is available for search.
4 Analysis Article is analyzed and placed to the appropriate topic (together with its feed).
5 Retention Article is available for the user in 'Articles List' view, 'Article Description' view and 'Article Offline' view (If 'Prefetch article for offline reading' flag was switched on in the time of download). During this time the user can redownload the article using selected download parameters.
6 Cleanup The application saves article itself and all article files (if any) for a limited period of time measured in days from the time of the first download (aka 'days to keep'). After the retention period is over all article files (that are not used by other articles) are deleted.

All actions listed above are performed in the background threads with low priority to prevent freezing the user interface responsiveness. For large HTML files some actions can take anywhere from 10 to 100 seconds and more and depends on the total load. Typically the article reaches some step 3 (available for search) and step 5 (article is placed to the corresponding topics) of its life cycle after a while. Just wait, please.


 What's new

v. 1.1.5 (March 23, 2013) - First public release.

  1. Sagitta 3.0 (both free and 'Pro' versions) first published on Google Play.

  2. Sagitta 2.2 (both free and 'Pro' versions) first published on Google Play.



Built-in topic icons  - from Nuvola free icons set created by David Vignoni.

The application employs a few great libraries that deserve recognition.

jsoup HTML parser v. 1.6.3 © 2009 - 2012 Jonathan Hedley

The Quick Action library by Lorensius Londa

 AChartEngine v. 1.0.0

Custom text selection is based on slightly modified project BTAndroidWebViewSelection created by btate. It uses the following libraries:

  1. The rangy javascript library by Tim Down.

  2. A wonderful drag and drop library by Bill Lahti.

  3. The Quick Action library by Lorensius Londa.


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