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"Pulse of Nature" is a simple Instagram and Youtube newsreader for the latest photo and video previews provided by National Geographic. Several times a day the application checks for updates and downloads previews for new photos and videos. Old previews are automatically deleted.

"Pulse of Nature" provides slideshow with sound in some clicks.

Current page describes "Pulse of Nature" Android application v. 1.0.1 (both free and paid).

"Pulse of Nature" is intended for Android 4.x devices.

This page covers the following topics: Features, Overview and Credits.


"Pulse of Nature" application provides the following set of features:
  • Collection of previews for the latest photos and videos
  • Check for updates runs several times a day automatically or any time manually
  • Slideshows with background sound and animation
  • Search
  • Widget
  • Automatic cleanup
  • Easy EMail and sharing
  • and more
The "Pulse of Nature" and the developers are in no way affiliated to National Geographic.


Main window displays a grid of previews, separately for 'Photos' and 'Videos'.
Tap on the image to enter the Image Viewer, which provides descriptions, external links, EMail and sharing.

Select 'Slideshows' command from the Options Menu to enter the 'Slideshows' window.
Tap on slideshow to enter the 'Edit Slideshow' window, add sound track(s), if necessary.

Tap 'Play' icon to start the slideshow and enjoy.

The screenshots below display images from National Geographic.
Main window Search Image viewer. Preferences
Main window Search Image viewer Preferences
Slideshows Edit Slideshow Slideshow Menu Player
Slideshows Edit Slideshow Slideshow Menu Player


The application uses icons from Nuvola free icons set created by David Vignoni.
The application employs a few great libraries that deserve recognition:
jsoup HTML parser v. 1.6.3 © 2009 - 2012 Jonathan Hedley ImageViewTouch by T2.

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