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Video Player

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Video PlayerVideo Player

This page describes the video player window and the video player menu (controller).

Click on the preview to open the page with a full size image.

'Video Player' window'Video Player' window

The screenshots below demonstrate how the 'Video Player' window looks like.

'Video Player' window 'Video Player' window 'Video Player' window 'Video Player' window

'Video Player' menu'Video Player' menu

Tapping somewhere on the screen shows/hides the menu (controller). All move and step commands are sticky as well as Pause command.

Icons Description
Move to the previous media file.Move to the next media file. Move to the previous/next media file. If this previous/next media file is audio, then the video player window will be closed.
Move to the beginning of the current video file.Move to the end of the current video file. Move to the beginning/end of the current video file.
Step backStep forward Step back/forward.
Roll back Roll back
Play iconPause icon Play/Pause. Tap on Play button hides the menu.
'Create new bookmark' icon.Display the 'Bookmarks' dialog. Create new bookmark instantly or display the 'Bookmarks' dialog.
Toggle the 'Favorite' attribute on/off.Toggle the 'Favorite' attribute on/off. Toggle the 'Favorite' attribute on/off.
Display 'Add to Play List' dialog. Display 'Add to Play List' dialog.
Make a screenshot Make a screenshot (video preview) and add it to the video frames set.
Hide the menu. Hide the menu.

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