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Main Window

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Main WindowMain Window

Main window consists of three tabs: 'Content', 'Details' and 'Playback'.

Tab 'Content' contains (from top to bottom) category selector, expanded folders list and player controller.
Tap on folder expands/collapses it, long tap on the folder or on the clip displays the context menu.
Tap on player controller displays the player menu.

Tab 'Details' provides information about items in folder that is currently opened in 'Content' tab, if any.

Tab 'Playback' is the same as tab 'Details' but provides information about items in folder that is currently played back, if any.

The screenshots below show how the main window looks like.

Main window. Play lists. Main window. Bookmarks. Main window. Main window. Searches.
Play lists
History Searches

Main window. Favorites. Main window. Folders. Main window. Authors. Main window. Years.
Favorites Folders Authors Years

Category SelectorCategory Selector

The category selector on tablets is scrollable horizontal view in the top of the tab 'Content'. On phones the category selector is implemented as spinner located in the action bar. The available categories are: 'Play lists', 'Bookmarks', 'History', 'Searches', 'Favorites', 'Folders', 'Books', 'Chapters', 'Authors', 'Genres', 'Composers' and 'Years'. Note that the selected category is highlighted while others are dimmed.

The order of the folder items can be changed in 'Play lists' and 'Folders' only.

Category Selector

Player ControllerPlayer Controller

The player controller is located at the bottom of the screen. Current clip preview is located on the left. The title of the clip is located at the center as well as the seek bar. Buttons 'Play/Pause' and 'Rollback' are located on the right side of the controller.

Tap on the clip preview opens the player menu.
Player Controller

Player MenuPlayer Menu

Tap on the clip preview at the bottom left to open the player menu.

Player menu. Here is how the player menu looks like. It provides basic player operations as well as 'Bookmark' dialog and 'Add to Playlist' dialog.

Steps and bookmark delays can be changed in 'Preferences'.

FeaturesContext Menus

Long tap on the folder or on the clip displays the corresponding context menu. The context menu provides toggle Play/Pause action, 'Add to Play list', 'Export to HTML', 'Previews', 'Edit Play list item' and more.

Folder context menu. Folder context menu.
Folder item context menu. Folder item context menu.
Play list context menu. Play list context menu.
Play list item context menu. Play list item context menu.                                                                                 


Select 'Details' from the Folder item menu to open the 'Details' window. 'Details' window provides the main clip preview (if any) and clip metadata as well as some statistics.
'Details' window Here is how the 'Details' window looks like.                                                                          

Export to HTMLExport to HTML

Any folder including play lists can be exported to HTML file. Exported file is emmediately opened in browser allowing user to control playback by tapping the hyperlinks (custom scheme vfsplayer:// together with open intents provide this functionality). Note, that some HTML viewers do not support custom schemes.

The default location of exported files is "mnt/sdcard/VFS/MediaPlayer/export/html".

Exported HTML file in browser. Here is how the exported HTML file looks like in browser.


On some devices Android media scanner is not 100% perfect. That is why the application maintains its own media database. Database saves the file path, metadata, previews, etc.

First scan is performed automatically when the application starts first time. Next scan is required after adding, deleting, moving and renaming media files and folders. Just select 'Scan' item from the options menu.

During scan the application scans the file storage, registers media files in the database, extracts metadata and previews and checks the database integrity.

While each media file is processed for a part of a second, the total scan can take some minutes. Scan is performed by service and in a few short minutes or even less you will be able to experience breathtaking unique features of Ideal Player.

Fill free to tap BACK or HOME or start another application during scan.

Have a cup of coffee and return over time, please.

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