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Ideal Player for Android™

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Current pages describe Ideal Player for Android™ v. 1.0.7 (both free and paid).

Ideal Player is intended for Android 4.0 devices and is available in both free and paid ('Pro') versions.

This page covers the following topics:


Ideal Player provides the following set of features:
  • Intuitive menus
  • Continuous folder playback
  • Media file previews and video file frames
  • Full text search and search widget integration
  • Bookmarks with audio memo record
  • Playlists
  • Play list items with 'Start' and 'Duration' parameters
  • Individual clip volume tracking
  • Gentle handling of incoming calls
  • Wakeup and Sleep
  • Customizable font size
  • Widget
  • and more
Playlists exported to HTML use custom scheme to control player.


Widget 4x1Widget 4x1
Widget 2x2Widget 2x2

Free Version LimitationsFree Version Limitations

The free version has all but one of the pro version's features - it doesn't handle the 'Duration' parameter in play list items.

VideoDemo Video

See demo video on YouTube Description



The application uses icons from Nuvola free icons set created by David Vignoni.

The application employs a few great libraries that deserve recognition:

The Quick Action library by Lorensius Londa

Android Wheel Control by Yuri Kanivets.

ImageViewTouch by T2

Jaudiotagger by JThink Ltd.

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Ideal Player for Android™

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