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Current page describes "Facebow Angles" Android application v. 1.0.1 (both free and paid).

"Facebow Angles" is intended for Android 4.x devices and is available in both free and paid ('Pro') versions.

Despite the fact that "Facebow Angles" was initially intended for dentists, it is capable to measure the angle between two lines on any image.

This page covers the following topics:
Features, Free Version Limitations, Content, Screenshots and Credits.


"Facebow Angles" application provides the following set of features:
  • Angle measurement using two moving straight segments with four touchable balls on ends
  • Camera preview and image view modes
  • Screenshots are saved in the database (Album)
  • Album Image Viewer
  • Search
  • and more

Free Version LimitationsFree Version Limitations

The free version has all but one of the pro version's features - the number of images in the database is limited to 12 (in 'Pro' version the limit is 360).


Hello screen consists of two parts, namely 'Images' and 'Camera'.
Tap on the image to enter the Album (if not empty).

Angle measurement:
Tap Plus icon in the 'Images' part to load the image.
Tap Plus icon in the 'Camera' part to enter the camera preview window.

Drag green and blue balls and drop them to the required points. The angle between segments is calculated automatically. Tap the 'Screenshot' icon during angle measurement to save the screenshot in the album.


Galaxy Tab 10.1

Hello screen. Angle measurement. Album Image viewer.
Hello screen Angle Measurement Album Image viewer

Motorola XT-910

Hello screen. Angle measurement. Album Image viewer.
Hello screen Angle Measurement Album Image viewer


The application uses icons from Nuvola free icons set created by David Vignoni.
The application employs a few great libraries that deserve recognition: ImageViewTouch by T2.

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Facebow Angles for Android™

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